At Christ Church Charnock Richard CfE Primary School we are fully aware of the risks associated with the use of the internet and electronic devices. Our aim is to ensure that all pupils are aware of the various steps they can take in keeping themselves safe online. Our school is committed to promoting the safe and responsible use of the internet and ensuring the whole of our community including staff, students and parents are kept up to speed with technological changes and their associated issues. We also have a CEOP trained teacher in school, Mr P Kewley, who is trained in supporting the community on how to stay safe online.

What do we do in school to protect our community?

  • We teach e-safety through our Computing and PSHE lessons.
  • We hold regular e-safety assemblies¬† for all year groups and we have a week of dedicated e-safety events to coincide with Safer Internet Day and Anti Bullying Week.
  • We hold E-Safety parents information evening every two years.
  • There is a CEOP alert button on our E-Safety page

There is a range of additional support and guidance below for our parents to use.


What is it?
Snapchat is asocial media application that allows people to send a video or message for up to fifteen seconds. Snapchats can be ‘screen shotted’ when played and in addition to this, there are applications now available which allows people to hack Snapchat accounts without the sender knowing. There have also been serious concerns with the use of Snapchat being exploited by bullies and for other inappropriate contact. We would like to remind our children this application is only available for those 13 and over.

A parental guide to this is available below.


What is it?
Instagram is another social media application that allows people to upload videos and images and allows others to comment on them. By default all photos can be viewed by anyone on the application unless you have set your account to private. In addition, each photo can be easily geotagged which means that people who can view your photos or videos can easily locate where they were taken.

To ensure safety we urge children to ensure that their accounts are set to private and that the geotag facility is turned off. We would also like to remind our pupils that they should not accept any friend requests from people they do not know in real life.


What is it?
ooVoo is a free video/voice chat which can be used on any device (phone, iPad, PC etc) for up to 12 people at a time. It allows users to also send text messages, videos and picture messages even when on a call.

If parents allow their child to have it then there are tips on how to protect children when usingit. However, we would stress that there are easier and safer ways for them to video call, send pictures or text messages with less of a risk of accessing or being sent indecent images or texts.

Please see below for more ooVoo information.

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