Curriculum Delivery and Subject Overviews

Our Curriculum has been structured and organised to ensure opportunities for learning are maximised. The organisation of the curriculum is a result of staff discussion, consideration of the needs of children as they move through school, and research on effective teaching and learning.

We believe that children should have opportunities to have access to a curriculum which allows learning to be spaced over time to allow children to retrieve (recall) information previously taught to ensure that children are building their knowledge base throughout their time with us.

In addition we recognised the importance of longer blocked time for some subject in order to  provide opportunities for deeper learning within one subject e.g. an afternoon session.

Our curriculum provides discrete subject teaching allowing our children to develop a clear understanding and awareness of the separate subject disciplines with meaningful links across discrete subject disciplines identified to improve engagement and enhance knowledge retention.

Subject leaders have led work to develop a bespoke curriculum overviews, ensuring coherence and progression in both knowledge and skill development across all year groups in every subject.

These have been designed to maximise opportunities for purposeful links between different subject disciplines whilst ensuring that each subject in the National Curriculum is taught discretely and effectively.

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